Personalised Multi-Colour Rubber 3D Keyring

Code: Multi-Colour Rubber Keyring
  • Mix and match from eleven different colours with our multi-colour range. We offer up to five colour combinations, giving you the option to go absolutely “colour frenzy”.
  • Unlike keyrings made from plastic and acrylics that are brittle and predisposed to abrasion, this keyring is made from an extremely flexible, scratch-resistant and durable rubber-like material; which retains its normal shape when squeezed, stepped on or washed, and doesn’t fade. The item is also very resistant to stresses and oil lubricants.

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Personalised Multi-Colour Rubber Keyring – This keyring is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), sometimes referred to as Thermoplastic Rubber. The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. Other features of TPE material include its easy formability, high resistance to stresses such as abrasion and oil lubricants. All these properties and compound versatility makes TPE widely used in many industries for coatings, components and customer goods. Due to the high elasticity and good tactile properties of TPE material, should you squeeze, accidentally drop or step on your keyring, you can rest assured it will always retain its normal shape. The keyring can also be washed without the colour fading. It is affordable, unique and perfect as a gift. So get your name, friends or business name on this perfect keyring which can go along with car and house keys, sports bags/equipment and kids school bags. This is also ideal for your travel suitcases and all types of luggage.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have also purchased a metal ring or keychain to go with your keyring, please be advised it is made from steel and nickel plated.


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